Alonzo is Co-owner of The Black Rose Studio and has been tattooing since 2012. Texas born, in the pan handle area to be exact, but raised in the DFW area. Alonzo is known as a true "Tattoo Collector" often attending conventions and and doing guest spots all over the U.S. every year. "I prefer black and gray realism and also Japanese influenced art. I do color realism as well mainly floral but open to some other color projects. I enjoy doing large projects like full back pieces and sleeves mostly."



Lead by Two Talented Owners
Jerry Martinez Co-Owner and Lead Artist at The Black Rose Studio Tattoos in Mansfield, TX



Co-owner of the studio and has been tattooing in the Arlington area most of his career. He also loves dogs especially frenchies. "I been tattooing in a tattoo shop since I was 18 but picked tattooing up at 13yrs old. I have been into art most my life I enjoy doing realism tattoos and art the most but appreciate all styles. I do mostly black and grey but at times do some color tattoos as well."




Mando has years of experience and is versatile in many different styles of tattoos. "I do both black and gray/color. My favorite styles are floral and Japanese." Check out my current work and follow me on Instagram.




Noemi has been with us since day one. Originally from New Mexico but dropped everything to come to Texas and apprentice under The Black Rose. It didn't take her long to translate her natural talent into tattoos. "First year tattooer. I do black and grey realism along with some color as well. I don't tattoo cactus. Se habla español




"I’m called Noodlez but if you use my name that’s cool too. I got my nickname from eating ramen all the time and it stuck. I love creating art, so naturally I loved tattooing. My style is neo-traditional traditional, and color work but I’m open to mostly anything. Sorry if you see me with cat hair, I didn’t eat one but I do have one."




Influenced by my two older brothers, I've been making art since I can remember. Discovered tattoos in my late teens and fell in love with the craft, and been tattooing in a shop since 2013. ​ My style, I guess you could say is black and gray. Although I’m open for just about anything, my favorite thing to tattoo is b&g portraits/faces.




Hello! My name is Arielle. I'm a Texas native who gathers inspiration from nature and all of the wonderful artists I've met during my career as an artist. I wouldn't say I specialize in anything particular but I do always enjoy tattooing anything plants and animals. You can check out my work on Instagram at arielleburns.



Hello! My name is Camryn, I also go by Cam. I’m still experimenting with styles but I really enjoy doing black and grey illustrative tattoos. My favorite things to do would be animals, bones, bugs, western, and witchy themes. I also love anything pop culture! My Instagram is a good place to check out what I’m working on. I draw a lot of original flash and would love to do more original larger pieces.