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To all my fellow piercing lovers my name is Analise and I am a 20 year old enthusiastic piercer with a deep love for new and unique piercings. I have been studying and perfecting my craft of piercing since 2019 to ensure my clients are comfortable and confident in my work which is always my #1 goal. My dream is to one day completely change the piercing game and bring it to a whole new level. My space is one where every race , gender , and person is accepted and welcomed with open arms. To me piercings & tattoos are a way for one to openly express who they are and a way to be confident in their skin. I am open to any and all piercings one may be interested in and am always welcoming new and creative ideas.


If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me directly via email or Instagram even if I did not originally pierce you I am here to help!  



In-House Piercings & Hardware
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